Core Team

Our team is made up of passionate people who excel
at what they do and deliver professional and personalized services.

Core Team

Our dedicated core team is made up of talented individuals who live and breathe the web. It is their passion for creativity and innovation which lies at the heart of everything we do at Sorezki. Get to know us better.

  • Roi Sorezki
    Roi Sorezki
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Roi is the driving force that pushes Sorezki forward. His unique vision and leadership keeps the company and the quality of our work at the highest level.

  • Orly Dumitrescu
    Orly Dumitrescu
    Chief Operating Officer

    Working closely with employees and clients Orly and Suzie (beloved office canine) ensure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle and things always run smoothly, even on the most hectic days.

  • Moti Zharfati
    Moti Zharfati
    Chief Technology Officer

    When our CTO isn't living, breathing and bleeding all things tech, you'll find him at the bowling alley in the lane next to you. He's the guy getting a strike.

  • Dana Raam
    Dana Raam
    Chief Communications Officer

    Capturing Sorezki's spirit in words is no small task. Dana makes sure that all our communication is clear, concise, and sprinkled with just the right amount of enchantment.

  • Maor Benami
    Maor Benami
    Art Director

    Maor infuses his deep sense of style into all our design fronts to create delicious eye-candy. He's always exploring innovative design directions and teaching us about the freshest techniques.

  • Ad Alkobi
    Ad Alkobi
    Senior Software Engineer

    Rumor has it that Ad's fingertips are coated in lightning. We don't yet know how he manages the lightning with the swimming routine, but we do know he is a serious programming machine.

  • Natalie Melamed
    Natalie Melamed
    Productions Division Managing Director

    Natalie is head of the Sorezki productions division. She has years of experience in the TV & Film industries as a producer and director of many commercials, short films and features.

  • Akanksha Khurana Pubreja
    Akanksha Khurana Pubreja
    UK Operations Director

    Akanksha, our sweet UK Operations Director, makes the seas that divide us seem very small. She flawlessly manages our activities in the UK and does so with an infectious smile on her face.