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Sorezki at the SMX East


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Still waiting for your Linkr demo?

October 6, 2011 / Sorezki News

Last month, we travelled to Manhattan for the official release of our new link building platform, Linkr @ the SMX East. Those of you who visited the Search Marketing Expo, were able to see a live demo of the system and received an exclusive invitation to start using the new platform.

Linkr Presentation at the SMX

More than 150 SEO agencies have joined Linkr during the first week of the launch; a greater amount than we have anticipated.

By the end of that month, we received more than 500 demo applications. Reviewing all these applications takes time. We are now in the midst of expanding our support team, so that we could get back

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to each and every one of you as soon as possible.

Sorezki at the SMX East

Please be patient with us, as we try give each of you our full attention. Thanks!