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SEO Plus Upgraded and Fixed

December 19, 2011 / Sorezki News, Sorezki Resources, Sorezki Tools

You may recall that Bing and Yahoo partnered up in 2010. When this happened Bing was given the reigns over the back-end of Yahoo search and it was clearly only a matter of time before Yahoo Site Explorer, which let you explore a site in depth, would be shut down. As expected the Yahoo Site explorer was closed on November 21 which disrupted the Backlinks Explorer function on Sorezki’s SEO Plus pop-up.

Well, we are pleased to

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announce we’ve upgraded Sorezki SEO Plus to work with Majestic SEO (see image below) and that backlinks exploration is back online. Use it to view essential information about your website’s backlinks versus competitors’ sites and improve linking.

SEO Plus with Majestic SEO

We’ve also fixed a few bugs so that SERP domain highlighting works seamlessly and numbering Google search results is a breeze. To use the upgraded SEO Plus extension, simply uninstall your existing version and reinstall the new one. If you still don’t have Sorezki’s SEO Plus Chrome extension, now is the time to get it!

SEO Plus provides you with invaluable information about sites’ search engine statistics and social media activity as well as real time suggestions for site optimization. Best of all, it’s FREE!