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Linkr vs. Penguin

June 6, 2012 / Link Building, Sorezki News, Sorezki Resources, Sorezki Tools, The SEO Process

Linkr Beats Penguin Algorithm

Jacki Soikis, co-founder and head of The Israeli Online Marketing School and owner of SEO Simple, Israel’s leading SEO firm, inquired as to how Google’s

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Penguin update from April 24, 2012 affected Linkr™ links, if at all. When they released the algorithm update Google announced that Penguin would immediately recognize and penalize sites found to have links which were purchased, under the radar and/ or low quality.

Well, we love a good challenge and decided to look into it.

We ran some tests to examine how Linkr™ links performed under the wrath of Penguin. All the tests analyzed the average SERP rankings for all links built for all Linkr™ clients during the time spans listed below, and here are the results- drumroll please!

  • Between April 23rd and April 25th – 0.24% increase in SERP rankings
  • Between May 14th and May 21st – 1.44% increase in SERP rankings
  • Between May 21st and May 28th – 0.2% increase in SERP rankings
  • Between May28th and June 4th – 1.4% increase in SERP rankings

The results speak for themselves- not only did Penguin identify Linkr™ links as authentic, organic and high quality, the links’ rankings even increased.

Jacki, thanks for helping bring to light more proof that Linkr™ links stand in a league of their own.

Until the next storm,
Happy linking!