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Hot Off the CPU: Great Linkr Upgrades

March 7, 2012 / Sorezki News, Sorezki Resources, Sorezki Tools

As you read this we’re wiping away little beads of sweat from our foreheads- we’ve been working hard! So hard that we have a cornucopia of wonderful Linkr updates to tell you about…

  • When setting up a linking campaign you can now define your targeted Google search engine and ensure that ranking stats are taken from exactly where they should be.
  • Many of you have been asking for this wonderful update and we are proud to announce its arrival- you can now upload campaign Anchors and Landing Pages en masse! Use .txt and .csv files or copy and paste lists into a Textarea to upload many anchors and landing page URLs. Additionally, URLs can be uploaded using a sitemap.xml file. Just remember to separate individual anchors/URLs by commas or rows (for all upload methods).
  • upload en masse

  • The Landing Pages set up tab has another new feature: if during their crawl the Linkr spiders find a URL (rooted to your domain) which ranks
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    in the top 100 of Google’s SERP rankings but is not listed as a landing page, the URL is automatically added to the list. The addition appears with a spider icon to its left and is a suggestion; to remove it simply click the Remove button to the right of the line.

  • URL spider

  • We’ve added payment packages to our Deposits page- and most have deposit bonuses. It is now easier to select how much Linkr credit to purchase with the availability of pre-set packages. Don’t know which package to buy? Just read the short descriptions or ask us.
  • deposit page

  • The dispute process has been upgraded with a new drop down list- select from a few different dispute reasons and save a lot of time. Also, the process is easier to track with Linkr alerting you throughout each step of the dispute so you know exactly what is happening at any given time. Plus, you can now Escalate a dispute without a waiting period.
  • dispute selection

    Until the next batch,
    Happy linking!