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Fresh Linkr Features

February 9, 2012 / Sorezki News, Sorezki Resources, Sorezki Tools

Hello Linkr lovers!

We’ve got two new and useful Linkr features to tell you about.

The first is the very handy Drafts feature located under the Campaign Management menu. Have a link building order you want to start entering now and get back to later? Simply enter the order normally in the Order Links form and use the snazzy new Save button on the bottom. This saves your order as a draft and lets you go back to it at any time by clicking Drafts and selecting Load Order. The Save button is also a great idea if you’re entering a large order which may take longer than usual.

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To make sure you aren’t timed out just click Save as you go along and ensure your work won’t disappear.

Save Feature

Drafts Menu

Order drafts

The second feature was created to override any incorrect automatic language identifications by Linkr. For instance, if Linkr identifies your anchor’s language as Greek but it is actually English, you can now manually change the language. In theory, this feature can also be used to place anchors in language A on pages in language B, however, we strongly discourage using the feature in this way. Building a link in a language different from the placement page’s language will result in a very low quality and ineffective link.


Until our next noteworthy updates…happy linking!