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A Small Step for Mankind, a Huge Leap for Linkr™

May 6, 2012 / Sorezki News, Sorezki Resources, Sorezki Tools

We’ve got some upgrades to tell you about, and this time they’re big.

The new features are centered around the Link History page and were inspired by our belief in the importance of transparency between a business and its clients.

Link History

We began the upgrade by changing the design of the link history page to increase its usability, then we moved on to functionality. With the upgrade, if you dispute a link or if your order is in the completed and locked phase, you now have access to a detailed history of each link. The history displays an in depth record of the communication between yourself and the link builder or administrator (if there was a dispute) as well as a record of each phase the link has been through (submitted, published, etc.) with the date and time it entered that phase.

Status Updates

Most importantly we’ve added

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a timer feature so you know how long your link will remain in any given phase. View exactly how much time is remaining on your 30 day warranty, how long a link builder has left to respond to your dispute and various other “countdowns” for time sensitive phases in Linkr™. We love minimizing guesswork while increasing transparency and organization- it’s just how we roll.


Until next time,
Happy linking!