Our Story

The principles on which we were founded haven’t
changed and continue to guide us today - they are
what make us who we are

Our Story

Our story began in 1998 when Roi Sorezki, then 14 years old, made his passion for all-things-web publicly known by creating Pizuz, a collaborative web-portal for Israeli teenagers. The reason for creating the site was simple- Roi and his friends were looking for an easy and accessible way to connect with other Israeli teens but couldn't find one. Driven by a kinetic energy and lots of motivation, Pizuz exploded onto the scene and became one of the ten most popular websites in Israel for 1999-2001.

Almost 15 years later it is this same passion, creativity, freedom and drive which still guide everything we do at Sorezki Ltd. We've also grown over 15 years.

Today we excel in providing state of the art SEM solutions, innovative web applications and video production. Our versatile and comprehensive products and services enable our customers – from consumers and small businesses to global organizations and agencies– to ensure their online visibility and holistically manage their brand's marketing. Nearly all of our energy is focused on research and development of new products and it is our talented and dedicated team, excelling at in-depth research and exceptional solution development, which makes our success possible.

We've come a long way since 1998, yet we like to think our story is just beginning.

*Sorezki Ltd. is proud to be independently owned and operated. Our independence is what allows us to keep our dreams big and our creations even bigger and gives us that distinctive out-of-the-box-thinking flavor.

  • 1998


  • 2002


  • 2003

    Skylab Group Ltd.

  • 2005

    A Move to Europe

  • 2008

    Moti Zharfati joins as CTO

  • 2009

    Sorezki Ltd. established

  • 2010

    Film.fm is born!

  • January 2011

    Say Hello to SEO Plus

  • September 2011

    Linkr™ Comes to Life

  • June 2011

    Welcome to Rothschild

  • 2012

    Sorezki Productions is here!

  • 2013

    Things are Cooking